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Darragh Powell



Born in London (England), lives, works & exhibits in France and London area


2008-09 Studied at Monaco school of art & set design (Pavillon Bosio)


2006-08 Studied at the School of Fine Arts, Clermont-Ferrand, France

Masters equivalent (DNSEP avec mention)


2002-05 Studied at Croydon College, England

BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art:Combined media (2:1)



Using paints, inks and various other media I create images in which the spectator finds himself or herself in a space where nature seems to have the upper hand whilst man is often visible only by the imprint he has left behind. I'm interested in the beauty and man's relationship with the often paradoxically powerful yet fragile natural world.

I'm as much inspired by cinema & music as I am by painting and other artists, possibly even more. As such I see my paintings as movie stills, snapshots of what may be real, of what may have been, of what may become.




Permanent exhibitions at the gallery Espace Castillon, in the south of France and among the artists who show at The Curious Duke Gallery in London


Selected exhibitions

2016-December - 2017-January - Xmas show at the Underdog gallery, London

2016 - April - 'Pancakes & Booze', London, England

2015 - May-August  at Graffik Gallery, Portobello road, London. 

2014 - Nov-Jan 2015- 'The Creative Bubble' at the Roxy bar & screen, London

2014- Nov-Jan 2015- 'Lunar' Curious Duke Gallery, London

2014- July/August-'(60) Days of Summer' Curious Duke Gallery, London, England

2014- July 4th -13th 'Movement:Arworks' summer show, Muse Gallery, London

2014 - April- 'Multiplicity' at the Camden Image Gallery, Camden, London, England

2013- 9th December  to 31st January 2014 - 'The Present', Curious Duke Gallery

2013 - July/August - 'The Art of Curiosity', Curious Duke Gallery, London, England

2013 - April/May - 'Entre les Arbres' Espace Saint Nazaire, Sanary sur Mer, France

2012 -Arbres/Trees, Espace Castillon, Toulon, Var, France.
2011-May, Le Grand Pavois des Arts, Fort de l'Eguillette, La seyne sur Mer,France
2011-February, Sélection Castillon, Espace Saint Nazaire, Sanary sur Mer, France
2011 -May, Rendez-vous des Jeunes Plasticiens-ELSTIR, La Garde, Var, France

2009 -December 100 Years of The Russian Ballet /Ballets Russes /Monaco dance forum,Grimaldi forum, Monaco
(installation with the artist Aliona Ojog  &  the Ballet of Monte Carlo.

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